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Why Wee Wonders?

Wee Wonders provide fun, educational and confidence-building activity classes for schools as well as nursery schools.*

Puppets Wendy and Will Wonder take children on a fantastic journey where they explore new activities, develop social skills and stimulate language development. In every session at your school we explore a different theme, which can coincide with your lesson plans – from Family and Seasons, to Music and Fairy Tales. We incorporate simple number and letter sound games, which adhere to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines.



Build Confidence, Stimulate Language,  Develop Imagination, Explore Sign Language & all its Benefits,  Promote Creative & Cognitive LearningDevelops Physical, Social & Emotional NeedsDevelops Speaking & Listening Skills in a Group Setting


Puppets, Games, Movement, Sign language, Sensory activities, Songs including practical and activity songs.


Developed to compliment your activities

Suitable For:

Playgroups, SureStart Facilities, Private Day-Care Centres, Other Child Centred Organisations

Class Length

30 or 45 min sessions

Class Duration

Single sessions or integrated packages

Class Age

3-7 Years

Benefits for the Child



May increase IQ
Better vocabulary
Develops literacy skills
Increases creative thinking
Increase speed of spatial reasoning development
Increased levels of comprehension, reading and grammar



Further development of fine motor skills
Reinforces & develops current language skills
Teaches a second language that is formally and nationally recognised (BSL)



Reduces unexplainable emotional outbursts
Creates feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment
Reduces frustration at not being able to express needs
Develops understanding of language for communication of emotions

“providing fun, educational and confidence-building activity classes for schools & nursery schools”

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