New Early Years

Playgroups, SureStart, Private Day-Care, Child Centred Organisations

Helping Children Develop & Learn

  Wee Wonders provide fun, educational and confidence-building activity classes for early years facilities.

Puppets Wendy and Will Wonder take children on a magical journey where they explore new activities, develop social skills and stimulate language development.

In every session at your facility, we explore a different theme, which can coincide with your activities – from Family and Seasons, to Music and Fairy Tales, incorporating simple number and letter sound games, which adhere to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines



Aids development , Build confidence, Develop imagination, Stimulate language development, Explore sign language and all its benefits, Promote creativity and cognitive learning, Speaking and listening skills in a group setting, Develops their physical, social and emotional needs


Puppets, Movement, Songs including practical and activity songs., Games, Sign language, Sensory activities


Developed to compliment your activities

Suitable For:

Playgroups, SureStart Facilities, Private Day-Care Centres, Other Child Centred Organisations

Class Length

30/45/60 min sessions

Class Duration

Single /Integrated

Class Age

0-7 Years

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